our strengths and advantages
  • our digital brain project, based on our "intelligent digital platform", provides customized solutions for customers in all industries

  • our wide-ranging products and broad service capabilities provide end-to-end solutions

  • we are deeply engaged in all industries, empowering 9000 cloud projects in digital transformation and upgrade

  • we possess the local r&d capabilities to provide our clients with customized products and services

  • we have industry-leading capabilities for secured delivery, achieving full-coverage protection from underlying infrastructure to top-level design

                                                                                                                                                                                         data source: idc, ccw 2019     

  • 21.8% :

    largest share of china's cloud management market for 3 consecutive years

  • 39.4%:

    largest share of china's blade server market

  • 30.1%:

    largest share of china's sdn software market

  •  31.1%:

    largest share of china’s enterprise wlan market

  • 23.8%:

    largest share of china's firewall market

  • 38.5% :

    largest share of china’s ethernet switch market

  • server
  • storage
  • network
  • security
  • public cloud
  • government cloud
  • industry cloud

• offering 508 services in 12 categories

• new architecture, high entry barrier, trustworthy

• integrated chip and cloud solutions, secure authentication, scenario-driven, hybrid delivery

• facilitating city-industry integration – preparing to develop 100 top-rank partners and facilitate 1,000 entrepreneurial partners through full-stack cloud services and the design of distributed architecture

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