tsinghua unigroup has become a leading integrated circuit company in china. unisoc under tsinghua unigroup is the third biggest designer of commercially available mobile chips, and ymtc under tsinghua unigroup has achieved a major breakthrough in china’s high-end chip design and manufacturing. in order to build an ic industrial cluster, tsinghua unigroup’s chip business covers mobile communication, memory, intelligent security, fpga, iot, digital tv chips, ai chips, smart cards, rfid antennas, micro-connectors and semiconductor power devices. tsinghua unigroup is strategically accelerating its growth in 5g, iot and ai, and is aiming to expand its presence in the mid-to-high end mobile chip market.

 in february 2019, unisoc announced the 5g technology platform makalu and its first 5g baseband chip ivy510. ymtc announced in september 2019 that it has started volume production of its 64-layer 256gb 3d nand flash chip, using the xtacking® architecture.

tsinghua unigroup is a leading whole-industry-chain cloud equipment and service provider, ranking the first in the segment of enterprise-level it services in china and the second in the world. 

new h3c under tsinghua unigroup is an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions. new h3c offers a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products spanning across computing, storage, networking and security, and provides a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, digital interconnectivity, information security, new security, iot, edge computing, ai and 5g solutions, as well as end-to-end technical services. new h3c launched the “digital brain project” based on its “intelligent digital platform” to build “digital brains” for customers in all industries.

in intelligent security, unisinsight under tsinghua unigroup, as a leader in the provision of new security solutions, is building a “digital city visual center” with ai, big data and cloud computing as the core technologies to establish an intelligent video cloud big data base for smart city, public security, transportation, emergency, environmental protection, etc.

unicloud, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup, focusing on the enterprise-level market, urban and industry cloud, has successfully built a team of domestic and foreign experts in more than 10 industries, as well as a corresponding r&d system to support the construction and operation of dozens of smart cities in china.