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on jan. 17, 2019, tsinghua unigroup annual meeting was held in beijing. nearly 300 people from tsinghua unigroup headquarters celebrated together, looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead.


the opening footage presented the extraordinary top 10 things that happened to tsinghua unigroup in 2018. mr. zhao weiguo, chairman and ceo of tsinghua unigroup, mentioned several key stages and milestones in the development of the group, encouraging everyone to continually strive for excellence in the coming year.


mr. zhang yadong, president of tsinghua unigroup, proposed a toast, giving an overview of all the achievements accomplished in 2018.


sixteen employees were awarded for their outstanding performance in 2018.

employees from various departments put on exciting plays.



the annual meeting ended with a wonderful chorus “me and tsinghua unigroup”.