tsinghua unigroup -凯发k8官网


tsinghua unigroup launched unicloud, its public cloud, for trial commercial use on july 10th, 2018. tsinghua unigroup officially started its unicloud strategy on march 30th, 2018, with an investment announced to be 12 billion yuan into the public cloud market. the construction and internal testing of unicloud in no. 1 north china region (tianjin), no. 2 north china region (langfang) and no. 1 southwest china region (chongqing) was completed by june 30th as scheduled. within 3 months, unicloud was launched for trail commercial use, at an exceptional construction speed, marking a critical step into the public cloud market.

“our initial goal was to launch unicloud in 3 months,” said wu jian, president and ceo of unicloud technology co., ltd., “it was a very tight schedule, and the execution plan for the 3 months was detailed on a daily basis. unicloud not only demonstrated out strength with such speed, but also stuck to the principles of new architecture, high starting point and trustworthiness in our construction.”

new architecture

unicloud is positioned as a public cloud for the tob market. to meet the needs of industry customers in terms of data transmission within the city, local delivery and  , unicloud adopts the architecture design of “1 multiplicity and 3 unifications”. with the multi-level core-edge architecture design of regional nodes tier 1 nodes city nodes, unicloud constructed multiple portals covering the whole country, with native hybrid delivery capability, customizability and flexible scalability in architecture design and construction. the 3 unifications refer to unified integration architecture, unified resource management and unified operation management, which realize analysis and centralized allocation of cloud service resources with the independently developed cmp (cloud management platforms), so as to ensure the unification of underlying architecture with the operation and maintenance while meeting the demands for distributed, hierarchical and customized service.


high starting point

“as we have no legacy in the construction of unicloud, we can adopt the latest architect, devices and concepts to build a best cloud in our mind,” said li yongbin, unicloud’s vice president and general manager of the operations department. in the construction of the network, unicloud adopts the most advanced connection of 100g cores 25g access and the latest nvme storage and connection architecture. in terms of server configuration, unicloud adopts intel’s latest skylake cpu of purley platform to achieve 20% of average performance enhancement with the same density of resource pools. unicloud joined hands with uniswdc to build a highly reliable storage system, improving the availability of the data on the cloud to 15 9s, much higher than the industry average.


reliability and security is the top priority of unicloud. wang yong, chief architect of unicloud, explained how unicloud introduced tsinghua unigroup’s concept of “integrated chips and cloud” and the world’s latest concept of “security of credit extension” to build roots of trust based on chips, realize encrypted data storage and graded authority control, and build an end-to-end security and protection system covering infrastructure, resources, data and applications. unicloud teamed with new h3c to build the cloud center meeting the requirements of classified protection 2.0, and the public cloud-based situation awareness and warning center.

“reliability is the pursuit and commitment of unicloud,” said wu jian. the vision of unicloud is “to become a reliabledigital partner”, which is also a key strategy of tsinghua unigroup’s cloud and network business . the superfast launch of unicloud at an exceptional speed is due largely to the technology accumulation and the collaboration of various departments in tsinghua unigroup and its cloud and network business group. the architecture design and development debugging of the operation platform were finished in 2 months, together with the optimization and connection of over one hundred modules. the simultaneous delivery, implementation and joint debugging of devices in chongqing, tianjin and langfang presented a huge challenge, which unicloud overcame successfully.


with the launch for trail commercial use, unicloud announced the official introduction of the domain name www.unicloud.com. the basic services and platform services first launched consist of 12 categories and 267 cloud service products. the basic services cover computing, storage, networking, security and monitoring, while the platform services include databases, big data, development debugging, ai, iot, videos and other types of services. besides the basic services and platform services, unicloud also launched the cloud market to provide ecosystem partners with display, experience and transaction platforms for industry application related products. from july 10th, unicloud will officially invite the corporate customers and partners in various regions for trail commercial use, and will open the online application and registration in stages.

according to unicloud’s planning, the construction will be continued at an accelerated pace this year. the construction of the sites in north china, east china, south china and southwest china will be finished by the end of 2018, and the fast implementation of tier 1 nodes and city nodes will also be promoted. unicloud will deploy its oversea sites in 2019. with its unprecedented speed and determination, unicloud will continue to bring further surprises to the cloud computing of the 2.0 era.