tsinghua unigroup -凯发k8官网


on september 20, 2018, forbes released the list of the 2018 digital 100. the forbes digital 100 is a ranking of the top publicly-traded it, hardware, media, digital retail, and telecommunication companies, from 17 countries and regions, that shape the digital world. unis (unisplendour corporation limited) under the tsinghua unigroup, is crowned with the 35th place in the list.


it is reported that forbes china[a1]  firstly looked at the technology, media, digital retail, and telecommunication companies that made it into the 2018 global 2000. then, it added to that group the big digital economy companies that had gone public since may, 2018. companies were scored on a variety of factors including performance of the stock, sales, profits and assets growth over the past year. data used in the list are as of september 7th, 2018.


from the perspective of the segments, it software & services companies make up 35% of the list. 26 hardware & equipment companies and 23 semiconductor companies have their name on the list.


in terms of the countries and regions, 22 chinese companies and 49 us companies make the list. among the top 25 companies on the list, 19 are from the u.s.


source: http://www.forbeschina.com/review/201809//0067130.shtml