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tsinghua unigroup co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “tsinghua unigroup”) and natixis entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in beijing on october 18, declaring that both parties would further promote comprehensive cooperation, build a long-term strategic cooperative relationship, accelerate their development and realize mutual benefits. the signing ceremony was attended by francois riahi, ceo of natixis; zhao weiguo, chairman and ceo of tsinghua unigroup; zhang yadong, president of tsinghua unigroup and other executives.


based on the principles of free will, equality and honesty, both parties entered into a strategic cooperation memorandum. in the future, natixis is planning to provide tsinghua unigroup with various financial services and financing facilities. meanwhile, both parties will deepen the cooperation in investment and financing and explore more cooperation opportunities in europe and other markets, to jointly promote the internationalization of tsinghua unigroup and realize mutual benefits. both parties expressed their confidence in and expectation for the promising future cooperation.


the signing ceremony also witnessed the presence of damien cleris, account director of enterprises and financial institutions of asia-pacific region and co-director of investment banking, natixis; liu hong, general manager of greater china, natixis; tan ren, vice-president of finance, tsinghua unigroup and other leaders.