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on october 24, 2018,

the globally eye-catching hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge

will witness a milestone moment, its wholly opening to traffic.

stretching for 55 km in total,

this sea bridge represents the longest range, heaviest investment

and the highest difficulty of construction of all times,

and is thus reputed to be the “crown” in the world bridge construction history.


with more than 600 patents,

the bridge is a “super project” as its technologies are the most complex,

and the construction requirements and standards the highest in history,

making it one of the “new 7 wonders of the world”.

the bridge, consuming as much steel as 60 eiffel towers,

can withstand an m8 earthquake or a force 16 typhoon,

and expects a service life as long as 120 years.


as the hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge is open to traffic,

the “digital bridge” system built by the new h3c group

will start its mission.


a bridge flies over three cities, bridging the chasm with a thoroughfare.


the hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge being put into use will realize the land connection among hong kong, zhuhai and macau for the first time and inject impetus into the rapid industrial and economic development in the three places.


as a provider of the core informatizing solutions for the bridge, h3c provides a “world-class” digital solution for the bridge. the group has undertaken more than 90% of the basic it structuring of the bridge and successfully built a smart digital platform connecting hong kong, zhuhai and macau, enabling a fast and stable information network and highly reliable business system for the seamless connection and efficient coordination among the three cities.


on the basis of the hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge, h3c has assisted in building a matching “digital bridge”, which will become a cornerstone for the economic growth in the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area.


officially starting on december 15, 2009, the digital construction of hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge has encountered grave challenges ever since in terms of the construction cycle, difficulty, technological design, environmental protection, intelligence level and the complexity of project participators. facing such challenges, h3c rose to overcome every difficulty in the construction cycle and successfully created a digital solution for the bridge.


in general, h3c provides an effective and smart it infrastructure platform for various service systems supporting the bridge’s operation and management, ensuring the long-term stability of such systems as smart light current management, video monitoring, emergency command, artificial island intelligence, smart parking lots, passenger inspection center, port cargo inspection, customs, frontier inspection and police service. in h3c’s works, digital technology innovation has been implemented in many aspects:


the sdn intelligent network platform customized for the bridge supports the network resource allocation on demands, mass data transmission and low latency, reducing the network maintenance cost by 50% and promoting the network security reliability by 40%.


the high-performance ap device provides an information access that guarantees the efficient operation of customs declaration devices and wireless mobile inspection, enabling passengers to complete customs declaration in 8 seconds at the fastest.


world-class solutions of servers, storages and backups have been provided for various service systems of the bridge, improving the service efficiency by 30%.


a security protection system at the grade 3 in the national graded protection of security is built for key services to offer an all-round protection.


smart o&m solutions can effectively simplify the operation and maintenance of the bridge’s network, and tremendously reduces the investment and o&m costs.

making unremitting and independent efforts, h3c has participated in many projects of century significance, ranging from the yangshan port to the qinghai-tibet railway and from the south-to-north diversion to the hong kong-zhuhai-macau bridge, all marking china’s rise to a global power. in the future, h3c, through its digital solutions, will join hands with all partners to create more “world-class outcomes made in china”.