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november 27, shenzhen, china -- sinotrans limited (sinotrans) and tsinghua unigroup signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement today. based on their consensus on the division of labor and cooperation in the logistics science and technology industry, both parties decided to leverage their respective advantages to achieve a win-win result in terms of smart logistics application, platform development and operation, and talents development in logistics science and technology.

gao xiang, it director of sinotrans, and li yongbin, vice president and general manager of operation department of unicloud, signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both parties. present at the signing ceremony were li guanpeng, general manager of sinotrans; wu yi, director of information center of china merchants group; general managers of three major divisions of sinotrans’ headquarters; wang hongtao, senior vice president of tsinghua unigroup and president of unisplendour; wang hongliang, director of cloud computing product line of h3c; and wang qian, deputy general manager of beijing branch, h3c.

driven by digitalization in the era of the internet of things, logistics has come to a new stage of in-depth integration with artificial intelligence (ai), big data, cloud computing, vr/ar, blockchains and other frontier technologies. logistics will march in a direction of higher intelligence, higher efficiency and higher transparency. the economic transformation and upgrading calls for a more outstanding strategic positioning of innovation capacity building in logistics in the new era, to vigorously advance the integrated development of efficient internet logistics.

as the largest comprehensive logistics integrator in china whose network covers all parts of china and major economic belts of the world, sinotrans has formed its three main business sectors including agency and related business, supply chain logistics and e-business, which can provide end-to-end supply chain solutions and one-stop services. sinotrans focuses on customer needs to continuously create business and social value with best solutions and services.

tsinghua unigroup is one of the few cloud network service providers with all industry chain offerings from products to related consulting, design, construction and operation services; it also provides full series of cloud architecture products including computing, storage, networks, security, hyper-converged systems and it management systems. with its online services driven by offline offerings, unicloud concentrates on the enterprise-level market and focuses on city cloud and industry cloud to provide government and enterprise customers with scenario-driven cloud services of “integration of chips and cloud, secure authorization and hybrid delivery”.

li guanpeng, general manager of unitrans, pointed out that sinotrans is an established logistics enterprise keeping pace with times, which currently undertakes three missions of being “the leader of smart logistics, builder of the supply chain ecology, and promoter of china logistics industry” assigned by china merchants group. with serving customers and creating value as its business philosophy, unitrans is committed to becoming customers’ strategic partner to provide them with value-creating products and services. he stressed that in the progress of a new round of scientific and technological revolution where china’s economy has entered into a new stage of quality development phase and an age of customer-orientation, sinotrans has made great achievement by grasping the trend of smart logistics. looking forward, the company expects to fulfill its social responsibilities in the construction of the guangdong - hong kong - macau greater bay area to celebrate the 40th anniversary of china’s reform and opening up.

“the rapid development of ai, big data, cloud computing, internet of things and other advanced technologies necessitates integration with the applications in the logistics industry,” said wang hongtao, senior vice president of unigroup and president of unisplendour, “sinotrans is the largest comprehensive logistics integrator in china that can provide end-to-end supply chain solutions and one-stop services. the strategic cooperation between unigroup and sinotrans, the two giants with complementary advantages, is of great significance for accelerating the development of smart logistics. specifically, we will jointly build internet terminals based on domestic chips, establish a platform for development of the cloud ecology for the logistics science and technology industry that carries the logistics e-commerce applications, develop new technologies of smart logistics such as ai, blockchains and robots for unmanned storage and distribution, and share results of cooperation and research in smart logistics, so as to usher in a new stage of win-win cooperation and mutual development. i believe that the development of smart logistics will provide a greater arena for the industrial ecology.”

sinotrans and unigroup will carry out comprehensive cooperation in integrated solutions of logistics science and technology; innovation and collaboration platforms for government, industry, education and research users; industrial capital; talents development, etc. meanwhile, based on the ecosystem of science and technology industry from “chips” to “cloud” established by unigroup and the ecosystem of logistics industry established by sinotrans, the two companies will develop an open, efficient and dynamic ecology for collaboration in the logistics science and technology industry. therefore, they could jointly propel the development of china’s logistics industry, continuously cultivating new growth points and forming new momentum to promote the development of china’s economy.