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on december 6th, 2018, tsinghua unigroup ltd. successfully completed the book building of the first issuance of public corporate bonds in 2018. the bond issuer and debt both received a triple-a rating, with a coupon rate of 5.20% and a maturity of 3 2 years. in this bond offering, unigroup has raised a total of ¥5 billion, the largest issuance of aaa-rated non-financial corporate bonds since the second half of this year.

at present, tsinghua unigroup is a leading large-scale conglomerate in integrated circuits field in china and a large global provider of independent cellphone chips, leading domestic markets with its enterprise network switches, enterprise network routers and enterprise wlan products. this bond issuance is innovative in that the raised funds can be used for industrial fund investment. according to the group’s plan, some of the raised funds will serve the chip and cloud development strategy in the form of industrial fund investment. this bond offering has received extensive attention from the capital market, and been proved a complete success, showcasing the company's presence as a domestic leader in integrated circuits field.

this is tsinghua unigroup’s first public offering of corporate bonds in china. with the vigorous support from bond authorities and the facilitation from intermediary organizations, the attempt has achieved satisfactory results. through bond declaration and issuance, the company has strengthened its ties with a vast number of bond investors, laying a foundation for more sustained, in-depth and comprehensive cooperation between the company and stakeholders in the future.