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on december 17, 2018, china telecommunications group corporation limited (hereinafter referred to as china telecom) and tsinghua unigroup co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as tsinghua unigroup) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in beijing and announced that the bilateral collaboration will be deepened in all respects. the parties will carry out in-depth business cooperation in the dict represented by cloud computing, intelligent network restructuring, 5g, ip data communication and digital innovation, chip and terminal services for mobile phones and iot, high-capacity sims, storage and other domains. driven by it innovation, this cooperation will be an engine for industrializing data and digitalizing industries, providing better digital infrastructures and services for the development of china’s digital economy.

“china telecom and tsinghua unigroup have long partnered each other in business,” yang jie, chairman of china telecom, said. “establishing the strategic cooperation will drive the relationship between the parties to a new level.” he added: “it is hoped that the parties continue exploiting the collaboration in cloud computing, big data, iot, 5g, chips, etc. together with appropriate capital cooperation. thus we may transform the industry chain into an ecology of multi-industrial integration, sharing and mutual benefits, and further become a powerful impetus in the digital economy of china and the world.”

zhao weiguo, chairman of tsinghua unigroup, stated: “for years, tsinghua unigroup has offered quality services for china telecom in cloud computing, ip data communication, iot and chips; on the other hand, tsinghua unigroup has gained strong support from china telecom in the evolvement to a world-class hi-tech industry group dedicated to chips and cloud.” he continues: “china telecom and tsinghua unigroup share an identical development philosophy while supplementing each other strategically. entering into this strategic agreement is believed to drive our partnership to a brand new level and build a solid foundation for future cooperation and mutual benefits.”

china telecom and tsinghua unigroup, leaders in their respective industries, have achieved fruitful results in multiple fields via cooperation. through this strategic cooperation agreement, the parties will continue their partnership from terminals to cloud. with a business ecology of shared interest and mutual benefits, they will never cease innovating technologies, products and business models, attempting on a greater contribution to digital china and intelligent society.