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on april 19th in chongqing, navigate 2019, co-hosted by tsinghua unigroup and new h3c group (new h3c), was held at the chongqing yuelai international expo center & international convention center. the event was supported by chongqing government. themed on "digital navigation, smart future", the event brought together over 7,000 business and institutional leaders, authoritative experts, media specialists and analysts across china to share and exchange views on innovation and practice of digital technology, as well as the phased exploration and future prospects of the digital economy.


navigate 2019


digital transformation has entered the stage of depth and acceleration


in 2019, "intelligent plus" appeared in the report on the work of the government for the first time and started to replace "internet plus", which means a more in-depth development of digital transformation. "intelligent plus" will become a new driving force to transform traditional industries and promote the development of emerging industries. therefore, building an intelligent platform and connecting intelligent application services will be the key to the digital transformation of enterprises.


at the same time, rapid growth also shows in the development of digital economy and industrial digital transformation. according to idc, by 2022, more than 60% of global gdp and 65% of china's gdp will be driven by digitalization. the survey of the shanghai academy of social sciences also shows that china ranked no. 1 worldwide for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018 in terms of the annual growth rate of the digital economy.


zhao weiguo, chairman and ceo of tsinghua unigroup, said in his speech at the event, "with the in-depth development of digital transformation, and driven by both technology and business, doing a good job in digital transformation will help enterprises take initiative in development. tsinghua unigroup has constantly deepened the 'chip-to-cloud strategy', promoted the two business sectors of chips and clouds t of core cloud to a deeper level, closely integrates with various of industries for development, and continues to contribute to the digital power.



zhao weiguo, chairman of tsinghua unigroup


tony yu, co-president of tsinghua unigroup and ceo of new h3c, said, "in the new stage of development in the digital era, both it evolution and industrial development are constantly accelerating and deepening. how to give full play to the driving value of "intelligent plus" in this stage is the key for us to help our customers successfully realize digital transformation."


tony yu, co-president of tsinghua unigroup and ceo of new h3c


"digital brain" is a competence center for efficient operation and growth of organizations in the digital era


in order to help customers accelerate their digital transformation and successfully implement "intelligent plus", new h3c launched the "digital brain project". relying on the enhanced platform capabilities, new h3c will work with its ecosystem partners to build digital brains for customers in all industries, facilitating their digitalization processes.


"digital brain" is a competency center that enables efficient operation and growth of organizations in the digital era. it features a "4 n" model, which mainly includes two important parts: smart digital platforms ("4"), and the smart application ecosystem built with partners ("n").


in the "4 n" model of digital brain, the smart digital platforms of new h3c underpin digital transformation and nourish smart applications , which include the digital infrastructure evolving to endogenous intelligence, business capability platforms as core engines for digital transformation, pre-emptive security capabilities that enables intelligence-driven information protection, and unified o& m services providing full-stack intelligent security for it environment.


the smart application ecosystem embodies the core values of new h3c's ecosystem partners. since the launched of the ecological strategy of "inclusive platform and borderless ecosystem" in 2018, new h3c has been committed to helping various industries to realize digital transformation through "technology" and "ecology". with the implementation of the digital brain project, new h3c will pay more attention to accelerating technology integration innovation, cooperation model innovation, service capacity improvement, digital talent training, and construction of digital ecosystem platforms, so as to strengthen the synergy of smart digital platforms and the smart application ecosystem ("4 n") of the digital brain, and enhance customer value.


shaping a smart future for customers of all industries


for customers, the implementation of the digital brain project will enable them to have core competencies (collectively referred to as stars) covering smarter business decisions (smart), more efficient business operation (timely), more agile business deployment (agile), more reliable business guarantees (reliable), and safer business environment (safe), so as to realize the digital transformation for customers of all industries.


recently, new h3c has achieved innovative and leading performance in several cases for customers of various industries, including participating in the planning and construction of the big data cloud platform " inner mongolia smart city"; cooperating with china unicom to build a new edge cloud smart water conservancy platform; assisting haier group in putting interconnected factories into operation; assisting deppon express to optimize the it and network platforms; joining hands with btv to carry out the construction of converged media cloud platform and many other best practice projects.


tony yu, co-president of tsinghua unigroup and ceo of new h3c, said in his keynote speech at the event, "new h3c's proposal of "digital brain project" represents not only an upgrade of services, but also the pattern and vision of new h3c. in the future, digital technology will be converged in government services and various industries in a more rapid, accurate and efficient way, leading emerging industries and driving traditional ones. to this end, new h3c will join hands with tsinghua unigroup, as well as various business sectors of tsinghua unigroup, and together with customers and partners, to empower industries and achieve the vision of "digital navigation, smart future".


on the first day keynote, new h3c also announced the launch of a variety of new products centering on "smart digital platforms", including:

● application-driven network ad-net 5.0 based on all-scenario ai, unified architecture and deep data insight 

● the world's first smart flagship switch s12500x seerblade module

● indigenous eight-way mission critical server uniserver r8900 g3, advanced high density four-way computing platform uniserver r6700 g3, new navigator in all-flash cf2000 scm nvme

● cloudos 5.0, the industry-leading abc converged platform

● the brand-new m9000-ai-ex, f5000-ai-x0 and f1000-ai-x0 series ai-based firewalls

● the unified o&m services platform u-center 2.0


about new h3c group:

new h3c is an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions, and is committed to become the most trusted partner of our clients in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation. we offer a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products, spanning across computing, storage, networking , security and related domains, and provide a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, new video surveillance, internet of things (iot), edge computing, artificial intelligence (ai) and 5g solutions. we are also the exclusive provider of hpe® servers, storage and associated technical services in china.


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