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on august 28, after tsinghua unigroup announced that mr. kau chei-chan had been appointed the ceo of its dram business unit, wuhan xinxin semiconductor manufacturing co., ltd (xmc) under tsinghua unigroup announced that dr. sun shih-wei, its global executive vice president, would succeed mr. kau chei-chan as the general manager and ceo of xmc.
dr. sun shih-wei joined tsinghua unigroup in 2017, serving as the global executive vice president. he has worked in the semiconductor industry since 1985. he was previously the director of research and development at motorola semiconductor, and the coo, ceo and deputy chairman of united microelectronics corporation (umc). dr. sun shih-wei is a well-known leader in the semiconductor industry. 
mr. zhao weiguo, the chairman and ceo of tsinghua unigroup, says, “dr. sun shih-wei has worked in the semiconductor industry for many years. with his rich experience in plant construction and management, as well as his outstanding industrial insight, he, as the general manager and ceo, will surely lead xmc to seize the precious opportunity to bring our business to a whole new level. ”
xmc is a leading semiconductor r&d and manufacturing company, committed to providing its global customers innovative products and technical services. in nor flash, mcu and oem industry, xmc has accumulated more than ten years’ manufacturing experience. xmc has launched its self-owned brand integrating product design, wafer fabrication and product sales. as one of the leading wafer manufacturers, xmc has two 300mm plants in operation. at the end of 2018, xmc launched its wafer-level 3d ic technology, realizing the stacking and bonding of three wafers, which provides a new solution for chip design and manufacturing in the post-moore era, and has broad application prospects in the field of 5g, ai and iot, which have high requirements for bandwidth, performance and multi-function integration.