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tianjin, september 19, 2019 – linxens, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup (“unigroup”), today held a ceremony to mark the construction of a new plant at the tianjin binhai high-tech zone. set to become linxens’ largest production facility worldwide, construction is expected to be completed in 2021 and will cover an area of 70 mu. the plant will become part of unigroup’s chip and cloud production base under development in the zone and will join unigroup’s first industrial cluster in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. the move deepens unigroup’s collaboration with the high-tech zone that is also home to unicloud’s national headquarters.

“unigroup has been working closely with binhai high-tech zone over the past few years,” explained mr. zhao weiguo, chairman and ceo of tsinghua unigroup. “since establishing its headquarters in the zone, unicloud has attracted more than 1,000 high-caliber r&d professionals and will further strengthen its r&d capacity. the expertise of linxens top global management will further cultivate talent within the industry.” following its acquisition by tsinghua unigroup in july 2018, linxens accelerated its development in the chinese market and chose to build its plant in the binhai high-tech zone after an extensive review of potential sites and selection process.

mr. shan zefeng, party secretary of tianjin binhai high-tech zone, commented, “linxens’ construction of a world-class production facility for smart chip components will provide momentum for the city to become a major technology hub for the global chip and cloud sector.”

headquartered in france, linxens is a world-class specialist in the r&d, design and manufacture of micro-connectors. its products are used in a wide range of applications by smartcard manufacturers and chipmakers. the company now offers a complete range of rfid inlays and antennas, as well as packaging and testing. linxens is a leading technology provider for 80 percent of the world's population, covering sectors that include telecommunications, finance, transportation, hotels, e-governance, and internet of things (iot). the company has operations in france, germany, singapore and thailand, among other regions, and china is its biggest global market.

the tianjin facility is linxens’ 11th plant and its seventh r&d center worldwide. it is poised to become a top facility with state-of-the-art technological and production capabilities that will utilize the company’s global r&d expertise and industry knowledge. furthermore, the plant will leverage resources from unigroup and member companies such as unigroup guoxin micro to address the needs of local customers and provide highly efficient technical support.

unigroup's production base in tianjin will be comprised of the linxens’ tianjin plant, unicloud’s headquarters and an incubation center for the chip and cloud businesses, along with the unigroup cloud park that includes residential buildings, commercial properties and educational facilities. construction of the unicloud headquarters is currently underway, with a total planned area of nearly 70,000 square meters. the chip and cloud incubation center will facilitate tianjin’s digital transformation by focusing on the development of innovative technologies, underpinned by the technical strength and market advantage of unigroup’s “chip-to-cloud” industrial chain.