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h3c, a leader in digital solutions, raised the curtain on its annual flagship event, navigate 2021, on april 9 in nanjing, capital of east china’s jiangsu province. under the theme of “smart foresight”, the grand event of the information and communications technology (ict) industry is aimed at facilitating discussions on further unlocking the value of data through h3c’s cloud & ai native strategy so as to empower industrial restructure and transformation in the era when digital technologies and software are reshaping the world.

navigate 2021 comprises a keynote meeting, three industry summits, an international business summit, a good number of closed-door meetings, 20 special online forums, more than 100 addresses, and summits for different cities across the country. over 1,000 thought leaders, renowned scholars, technical experts, executives of enterprises, and chiefs of h3c’s ecosystem partners are expected to hold discussions and exchange ideas during the event.

at the keynote meeting, h3c unveiled its cloud & ai native strategy, updated “digital brain 2021”, and many new products and solutions developed under the framework of the cloud & ai native strategy. they include:

new cloud and intelligent platform: unicloud 3.0 and seccloud omp 2.0;

cloud & ai native smart connection solution ad-net 6.0;

lossless network solution ad-dc seerfabric;

cr18000-16, core router for backbone based on self-developed network processors;

h3c uniserver server family using 3rd-generation intel xeon scalable processors;

unified storage data lake solution powered by x10000 all-flash storage system;

smart display platform magichub;

h3c smart terminal like personal computer, desktop, and displayer.

shen jianrong, deputy mayor of people’s government of nanjing municipality delivers a welcome speech at the keynote meeting of navigate 2021.

shen jianrong, deputy mayor of people’s government of nanjing municipality, attended and delivered a welcome speech at the keynote meeting. he said that as nanjing is ramping up efforts to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure and create new approaches to data-driven development in a bid to achieve new accomplishments in laying a solid foundation for pushing back the frontiers of the digital economy and making innovations in key and core technologies, h3c is welcome to make joint efforts with nanjing to further promote digital transformation in the city.

technical leaders of ict industry, including wang rui, corporate vice president and country manager of intel china, and dr. wu feng, assistant principal of the university of science and technology of china and chief scientist of h3c, shared their insights into and views about the digital era at the keynote meeting of navigate 2021 as special guests.

cloud & ai native strategy helps drive industrial digital transformation

tony yu, ceo of h3c, makes a speech of “smart foresight for a win-win future” at the keynote meeting of navigate 2021.

tony yu, ceo of h3c, said at the keynote meeting that in the era when digital technologies define the world and software defines the future, “digital native organizations” boast innate digital architecture and capabilities, and therefore enjoy natural advantages over conventional organizations in market competition.

to continue shifting to “digital native organization” has become one of the key goals of digital transformation and revolution, yu said, adding that h3c’s updated “digital brain 2021” based on the new cloud & ai native strategy will provide better digital innovation capabilities for the establishment of “digital native organizations” and boost industrial development and transformation.

the architecture of h3c’s “digital brain 2021”

according to yu, the “digital brain 2021” can help enterprises and organizations establish innate cloud and smart architecture and capabilities, meet the demand for agile and efficient applications, and speed up transformation for product services, management mode, business model, and user experience.

fully equipped with new abilities, “digital brain 2021” fully upgraded

steven yoe, cto and co-president of h3c at the navigate 2021

the cloud & ai native strategy has served as the technological system and methodology for creating an intelligent digital platform in h3c’s efforts to update its “digital brain 2020”, according to steven yoe, cto and co-president of h3c.

the platform of the cloud & ai native strategy should be capable of redefining low-code development platform, unifying digital base and application experience, offering cloud & native digital infrastructure, featuring “ai in all” strategy, and ensuring universal active security and sound application, yoe said.

dr. james chen, senior vice president and executive president of unigroup cloud & ai bg of h3c at the event

dr. james chen, senior vice president and executive president of unigroup cloud & ai bg of h3c, explained that based on the cloudos and oasis platform, the unicloud 3.0 can help clients realize the goal of “one platform for management, one architecture for application, one network for software defined network (sdn), and one strategy for security” and provide them with mature data operating system, application innovation engine, and synergy suite, thus accelerating digital transformation.

empower all industries with cloud & ai technologies

li li, vice president and president of solution department of h3c

upholding the concept of digital native, h3c will, by putting into practice its “digital brain 2021”, help clients build unique digital brain, speed up digital transformation, reshape business model, and continuously improve competitiveness and optimize user experience, noted li li, vice president and president of solution department of h3c.

industrial representatives working together with h3c to jointly drive digital economy also shared their ideas and digital transformation best practices through keynote addresses. among them, guo jianwei, assistant general manager of taiyuan railway transit development co., ltd. and head of electromechanical equipment department, shared the plan and construction experience of the urban rail cloud platform of taiyuan metro; ge liansheng, executive deputy director of informatization office of shandong university (sdu) also delved into forwarding-looking thoughts on education informationization, and shared its practice of building sdu into a smart campus at the keynote sessions.

at the venue for the navigate 2021 in nanjing, h3c has also created a scenario-based exhibition center, which consists of ten major exhibition zones and covers an area of 3,000 square meters. the exhibition center comprehensively displays the technological innovation results of h3c and its ecosystem partners as well as h3c’s practices and endeavors to facilitate digital transformation in various industries.

with the rise of the era of intelligence, h3c will be committed to playing a key role of enabler for digital transformation for all industries. in the future, h3c will continue to focus on full-stack collaboration of chip, cloud, networking, edge and terminal, progress together in innovative collaboration with industrial clients and ecosystem partners, and promote high-quality development of digital economy.