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on august 2, unigroup group held the "tsinghua unigroup - new tsinghua unigroup kick-off conference" in beijing.

mr. li bin, chairman of tsinghua unigroup, extended his gratitude to all partners in the corporate, financial, and public sectors for their support and concern for the group at the conference and stated his optimism for continued support from all sectors of society in the group's future development. he also comprehensive interpreted the values of the new tsinghua unigroup: "aim high, be professional and pragmatic, share and create value."


unigroup, as a comprehensive shareholding group, focuses on domestic and foreign markets, organizes its resources across various business areas, emphasis on business innovation and encourages its subordinate companies to actively engage in foreign exchanges and fully integrate into the global industry chain.

senior executives from group's business, empowerment, and management headquarters, as well as the heads of the group's main segments, attended the meeting and gave their perspectives . all participants pledged to actively implement the group's established principles of "forward-looking, open, fair, market-oriented, and international" and continually play to and shape competitive advantages in various fields to realize the grand vision of "more intelligent, open, fair, and wonderful."

about 200 people attended the conference, presided over by wen bing, co-president of tsinghua unigroup, and included guests from renowned domestic and international businesses, financial research organizations, and tsinghua unigroup subsidiaries.