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on october 25, xueda education announced that xueda vocational education (beijing) technology co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xueda vocational education"), a fully-owned subsidiary of the company, intends to hold 100% of the equity of dalian tongcaihui international education holdings co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "dalian tongcaihui international education") with its capital. it also intended to indirectly hold 100% of the interests of the organizers of dalian tongcai secondary vocational technical school and dalian tongcai computer specialized school for a consideration of 13.86 million yuan.

according to reports, dalian tongcai vocational technical school is a secondary vocational school. dalian tongcai computer school is a part-time institution for adult education and training.

this is significant progress for xueda in developing a modern vocational education system and advancing the vocational education business. therefore, this marks xueda's active response to the policy call for social forces to participate in school operations and the beginning of a new journey toward the high-quality development of private vocational education.


(dalian tongcai teaching building)

dalian tongcai school is a full-time unified vocational school approved by the dalian municipal education bureau. with a 29-year history, it is devoted to providing comprehensive talent training in computer, construction, electric power, and railroad operation. it has also produced tens of thousands of technically skilled talents for the development of the regional economy. moreover, it also collaborates with dozens of china’s high-quality companies, creates comprehensive on-campus and off-campus practical training bases, and actively explores the new mode of vocational education operation involving order classes and corporate teaching and training.

the school is situated near the beautiful xiajiahe seaside park in dalian. the school has gradually created the concept of " becoming a man, achieving talent, and making success" through years of teaching reform and practice. moreover, the employment rate of graduates has reached over 98% for many years. the school has developed several innovative modes of vocational education, such as "internet " intelligent teaching, integration of middle and higher vocational education, enterprise project teaching, and case-based teaching.

education has always been a major field of social concern. as a domestically listed a-share education enterprise, xueda education always responds to the requirements of society and insists on being a valuable addition to the education system. xueda education continues to develop the field of vocational education and explore innovative models to meet the development needs of vocational talents. it also strives to become a supporter of the healthy and orderly progress of the vocational education industry and a supporter of the nurturing of innovative talents through joint schooling, school investment, and co-construction.

according to industry insiders, xueda education has recently been very active in investing in secondary vocational schools. moreover, it has just completed the acquisition of dongguan dingwen vocational technical school and the trusteeship of qingdao west coast new area luze film art school. this has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. xueda education has been cultivating in the education field for over 20 years. with its superior resources accumulated and accelerated in high school education, xueda education will have more opportunities to invest in secondary vocational schools. this can further promote the development of vocational schools, introduce high-quality teaching, teachers, and management resources, and comprehensively improve students' comprehensive interoperability and cultural quality. it can also enhance the recognition and attractiveness of vocational education.

vocational education run by social forces has long been an important part of modern vocational education in china. it has also been the direction strongly advocated by many policies in recent years. after acquiring dalian tongcai school, xueda education group will depend on the group’s comprehensive vocational teaching and research system and provide the school with a high-quality teaching and management team. it will also transform the school into a comprehensive school of vocational and general integration and improve vocational education graduates' employment prospects and employment environment. furthermore, xueda will continue to leverage its leading advantages in the direction of employment and match withmore excellent enterprises locally and internationally for the school. it will also focus on talent training and delivery and create a better future for more students!

according to the official introduction of xueda education, the acquisition of the vocational school will help improve and enhance its dual-track development layout of vocational talent training and academic vocational education. it will also help cultivate high-quality technical skills in society and further enhance its comprehensive competitiveness. this will have a positive impact on its long-term development and corporate benefits.