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the year 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of happy life insurance. over the past fifteen years, happy life has endeavored to advance through thick and thin. it has always kept in mind its original purpose, never forgetting its mission, emphasizing its responsibility, and safeguarding the happiness and finances of its customers.

happy life insurance has established 22 subsidiaries and 253 branches across the nation, with more than 2,000 internal employees and a sales force of over 10,000 people. it has been offering customers insurance and wealth management services through a variety of sales channels. it has sold a total of 246 insurance products and has 69 products on sale. by the third quarter of 2022, the company had served over 79,000 corporate clients and over 13.84 million individual clients, with a cumulative insurance coverage of trillions of yuan. the company’s total assets have multiplied from 1.197 billion yuan in its founding year to approximately 90 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2022.

during its fifteen years of development, happy life has encountered challenges and also attained remarkable achievements.

in 2015, the company introduced "happy housing," the first reverse mortgage pension insurance product in china. this was meant to carry out the pilot project of "pension with housing," which provides more retirement options for specific groups and rigid needs of the elderly and realizes the richness and dignity of old age.

in 2020, the company responded to the tide of the industry's digital transformation by establishing a new strategic pattern of "finance technology ecology," positioning itself as a comprehensive finance firm with a focus on risk protection and wealth management. it used financial technology to drive business innovation. in the same year, happy life released a new brand image, and the new logo interpreted the brand connotation of "dreams change the world, efforts make dreams come true," which not only continues the brand core of happy life, which advocates for struggle, but also emphasizes the new brand proposition of "creating a secure and happy life for people."

since 2020, according to the development strategy of "marketization, specialization, technology, differentiation, and intensification, “happy life has launched a series of reform measures in the areas of organizational structure, salary and performance, product research and development, and budget policy. this has made a good start for the company's steady development and laid a solid foundation for seizing the march in the current digital transformation and new market competition.

dreams change the world, and efforts make dreams come true. happy life fully believes that creating a secure and happy life for people is the source of power needed to become an outstanding insurance company and the basis for establishing an excellent brand. let's create a bright future together with happy life.