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wuhan, china, august 9, 2018 - flash memory summit - after officially announced its ground-breaking technology - xtacking, yangtze memory technologies co., ltd (ymtc), captured the top prize at the 2018 flash memory summit, winning the “best of show” award for the most innovative flash memory startup company. this category recognizes the most creative startup companies blazing a trail of innovation in the storage industry.

“the evolution of the flash memory industry is now at a point in time where we will see innovations to overcome fundamental architectural limitations of nand i/o speed,” said jay kramer, chairman of the awards program and president of network storage advisors inc. “we are proud to recognize yangtze memory technologies co., ltd. for the most innovative flash memory startup with the announcement of xtacking™ technology, achieving increased nandperformance to meet customer needs for faster applications addressing everything from smartphones and pcs to data centers and enterprise applications.”

"we are honored and thankful to accept this prestigious award, and i applaud the entire ymtc team for the hard work and dedication it has taken to make this ground-breaking technology a reality,” said simon yang, ceo at ymtc. “this award recognized our efforts to introduce to the nand market a truly innovated technology which will provide unprecedented nand i/o performance, higher bit density and faster time-to-market. ymtc has successfully utilized this innovative xtackingtm technology in the 2nd generation 3d nand development, targeting to go to mass production in 2019.”

about yangtze memory technologies co., ltd:

founded in 2016, yangtze memory technologies co., ltd. (ymtc) is a memory solutions company headquartered in wuhan, china. with over 3,000 employees and worldwide r&d centers, ymtc is committed to becoming a world-leading memory solutions provider through technology innovations. visit the ymtc website at www.ymtc.com. schedule a meeting with us via [email protected].

xtackingtm: trademark application submitted and accepted.

about flash memory summit:

flash memory summit, produced by conference concepts, showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies and leading vendors that are driving the multi-billion-dollar non-volatile memory and ssd markets. fms is now the world’s largest event featuring the trends, innovations and influencers driving the adoption of flash memory in demanding enterprise storage applications, as well as in smartphones, tablets, and mobile and embedded systems.