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on september 3, china unicom announced the much expected results of its nb-iot communication module bidding. with a price limit of rmb 35/piece, 3 million pieces of chips were planned to be purchased in this project which has attracted much attention from the industry. based on the bidding announcement, there are 5 candidate contractors for the nb-iot communication module project of china unicom.


we should notice that shenzhen neoway technology co., ltd and datang mobile communications equipment co., ltd ranked the first and the second respectively. both shenzhen neoway and datang mobile are using unisoc chip modules, meaning that unisoc chips will occupy a 55% share in nb-iot communication module project of china unicom.


in december 2017, unisoc launched the single-mode single-chip nb-iot solution with a higher degree of integration in the industry. rda8908 is based on 40nm technology with ultra-low power consumption, ultra-large capacity and ultra-strong coverage. the single-chip integrates functionalities of the central processing unit, modem, radio frequency transceiver, power management, rom and ram storage unit, etc. rda8908 can be widely applied to wearable devices, smart home, smart city, smart industry and agriculture and other large-scale internet of things applications. rda8908 has become a ground-breaking product in the global iot market with excellent performance, ultra-low power consumption, the highest degree of integration and the most competitive cost. this unisoc rda8908 solution is also adopted in the nb-iot modules of shenzhen neoway and datang mobile, who won the largest share in the bidding.


based on the new-generation iot features of cellular network. nb-iot technology has the characteristics of broad coverage, extensive connection and low energy consumption. it can be directly deployed in gsm, umts or lte networks to support low-power devices' cellular connection in wan, greatly reducing the management cost and enabling network managers to grasp all kinds of operation data at any time. china unicom's large-scale bidding is undoubtedly a good news for the development of nb-iot industry chain and will make the nb-iot modular factory achieve considerable development in the next few years.


at present, unisoc enjoys mature technologies and solutions for the nb-iot industry chain, and boasts a complete production line for internet of things. unisoc will continue to provide competitive solutions to meet market demands and accelerate the arrival of  an interconnected worldwith innovative technologies.