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from november 8th to 9th, the china ic industry promotion conference 2018, one of the most influential and authoritative conferences in china’s integrated circuit industry, was held in chongqing. at the same time, the results of the 13th solicitation of top china chip products in 2018 were announced and unigroup chips won the award again! sc9863 and sc9832e of unisoc were both titled 2018 china chip top products, making unisoc the only enterprise winning double awards this year.


unisoc sc9863  won the award of outstanding technological innovation with its technological innovation and high performance.

unisocs c9832e stand out from all the candidates with its high integration level and quality-price ratio and received the award of outstanding market performance.


the “china chip product solicitation” aims at building a centralized display platform for excellent products of ic enterprises and to promote the ic industry in china in accordance with the idea of “to establish and develop an industry by its practical use”. up to now, this activity has become a bellwether of the ic industry in china and also a microcosm of industrial innovation, application and development. unisoc will persist in independent innovation and contribute to the prosperity of the industry with more high-quality products.