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recently, the state administration for market regulation and the standardization administration of people’s republic of china (sac) released the selection results of china standards innovation and contribution awards 2018, where tongxin microelectronics co., ltd. (tmc)entered into the list with its participation in the development of mobile payment rf interface standards winning the first-class award. as one of the main participants, ding yimin, executive vice president of the company, also won the highest accolade of the award.

as a rapidly emerging new feature with high momentum, mobile payment has witnessed its popularity in the domestic and overseas markets in just a few years, with great potential for further growth. by now, mobile payment, more than just a method for payment, has been also one of the most innovative core industries in china. therefore, it is an urgent demand from the perspective of market development to accelerate and improve the establishment of mobile payment standards, to realize a healthy and orderly development of the mobile payment industry and the market, and enhance china’s influence in global finance.


with its participation in multiple mobile payment projects of china mobile, china unicom, china telecom, and china unionpay, tmc has accumulated rich experiences and earned a good reputation in the industry of mobile payment. the standards of mobile payment rf interfaces, the development of which it participated in, enjoy significant advantages in innovations at international leading level and is an integral contribution to the mobile payment industry in terms of basic technologies. currently, secure chips manufactured by tmc based on the standards are available in the market, playing an important role in multiple fields including finance, public transportation, social security, smart terminals, and internet of things.


as an international “common language”, standards are making an increasing impact in the world. tmc, a leading company in the industry of secure chip design in china, will continue to combine it pragmatism with entrepreneurial spirit to provide intellectual supports in bringing china’s standardization to a new high and promoting the interconnection and intercommunication of standards worldwide.


it is reported that china standards innovation and contribution awards, the top awards in the field of standardization, were jointly created by the state administration for market regulation and sac in 2006. this year, 59 projects received the standard project awards of the china standards innovation and contribution awards with 9 first-class awards, 20 second-class awards, and 30 third-class awards, from a number of fields of sophisticated science and technologies such as smart transportation, mobile communication, and information technology.