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according to the tracker for china’s network management software market, 2018h1 published by idc, a leading market research institute, the intelligent management center (imc) of new h3c group, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup, was at the first place in china’s network management software market with a market share of 23.3% in the first half of 2018. meanwhile, the data of idc showed that h3c had been constantly seeing the largest share in this market from 2017 to the first half of 2018, proving h3c’s exceptional strength in the field of network management software.


amid the accelerated deployment and use of iot, 5g and blockchain technologies, network device connections abounds with increasingly diversified access modes and types. the innovation and rebuilding of a company’s business largely depend on the full understanding of the network structures and services, efficient responses to the demand for business transformation, and efficient identification and solutions of malfunctions.


keeping up with the era, h3c imc has made an all-round innovation in terms of concepts, architectures, technologies and functions. in 2018, based on the concept of “streamlining and flexibility”, h3c launched the new generation product imc cube for constructing a flexible and orderly management platform of the internet of everything that is driven by technology and the market.


ai prediction and smart fault removal

a global survey led by dimensional research shows human factor is one of the main causes of network faults. by introducing a new ai engine and integrating h3c’s 15-year experience in network management practice, imc has built up an expert knowledge base featuring self-learning and self-improving. the knowledge base can not only provide smart reminder and faults correction, but complete some repeated daily work in the place of managers, which can reduce the man-induced faults while enable managers to spare more energy to do the top level work such as analyzing and decision making.

chip-grade monitoring and accurate management

at present, the monitoring approaches taken by traditional network management software in the industry are not diversified and few advanced measures can be used to find out performance problems in networks and precisely position network faults. thus, imc has added a new monitoring approach of data flow in full network and full path through which it not only can realize the end-to-end network monitoring from the perspective of business, but can analyze the nodes that traffic passes one by one via hop-by-hop analysis so as to tremendously shorten the faults handling time. this can provide customers with strong network visibility and accurate management ability.


scenario-oriented customizing and changing to meet demands

in industrial applications, the new-generation imc is powered to provide all vertical industries with network management that is more compliant to the special demands of the industry and more professional. at present, imc has released a scenario-based version for operators in line with the features of the power industry, and will release more professional versions adjusted to the features of all industries in the future. network management services that fit the business features of sector customers and more accurate will be provided.


in the era of the internet of everything, what customers pay attention to are not only the network bandwidth resource and rate, but the security, operability and accurate management of the network. imc will provide customers with network management software that is more effective, secure, reliable and user-friendly, and assist various industries in accelerating their own digital transformation, so as to bring to customers an exceptional experience.