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recently, industrial and commercial bank of china co., ltd. publicly announced the shortlist of the bid for blank chip cards of unionpay, visa, and mastercard. as the result shows, secure chips of tongxin microelectronics co., ltd.(tmc) successfully entered into the final list of candidates. tmc  has so far won a grand slam, making it into the vendor lists of all six major state-owned banks, a new breakthrough in the field of financial ic cards.

driven by the progress of science and technology, the financial payment industry has experienced rapid development, and bank cards have long been an important payment carrier in daily lives, which puts forward high requirements on security and stability. therefore, the major banks pay high attention to the performance of financial ic cards and numerous chip makers spare no effort in their planning of development in the financial ic card market. with the technological advantages leading the industry and the most advanced production process in the field of the smart cards, tmc wins high praise for its outstanding performance. its products have obtained international and domestic certifications for cryptographic algorithms, emvco certification, unionpay chip security certification, isccc eal4 , cc eal5 and other qualifications, and are used by all major state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and dozens of local commercial banks. the company is the first to issue cards in large quantities in oversea banks.


tmc ’ winning the bid of icbc, the most influential bank in the world, demonstrates again the excellent strength of  unigroup chips, marking a new milestone in the company’s market development of financial ic cards. the chip that won the bid, boasting its high-security level, fast transaction speed and good compatibility with machines, can be regarded as one of the safest bank card chips in the world. it is a representative “star” product among unigroup chips, which is widely used in multiple scenarios.


in the future, the company will launch more and safer benchmark products as well as flexible professional financial payment solutions, to bring chips used in the financial payment industry to a new high, enhance the new experience in users’ secure consumption empowered by chips and accelerate the new upgrading of chips in an era of financial technology in china.