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new h3c group, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup, was recently honored with awards in the field of r&d and innovation. new h3c group’s “route convergence method and equipment” was granted the 2018 zhejiang province patent gold award. “a method and device for route switching” stood out from many candidate patents and obtained the silver award for patented inventions at the 20th wipo-cnipa award for outstanding chinese patented invention & industrial design.

the zhejiang province patent gold award, which is issued by zhejiang provincial intellectual property office, aims to reward patent achievements that have played an important role in promoting technological progress, enhancing production efficiency, protecting the ecological environment and improving living standards, that have greatly supported the development of high-tech and strategic emerging industries of zhejiang province, and that have made positive contributions to building zhejiang into an innovative province and a leading province in intellectual property. the “route convergence method and equipment” of new h3c group takes an significant effect on accelerating network fault convergence and boosting network reliability, and exerts an important role in promoting the digital transformation of network bearers. this patent has been widely used in new h3c group’s core switches such as s12500-x.

the wipo-cnipa award for chinese outstanding patented inventions & industrial design, a ministerial award special for rewarding patented inventions, was jointly established by china national intellectual property administration (cnipa) and world intellectual property organization (wipo). the patented technical solution proposed by new h3c group, “a method and device for route switching”, addresses the need for rapidly converging network faults and can avoid the increased complexity and waste of network resources in the ip frr scheme while shortening the traffic interruption. the solution is well suited to the business needs of today’s digital networks and has been widely used in new h3c group’s sr8800 high-end router series, as well as s10500, s12500 and other series of core switches. the silver award received this time represented the highest patent honor new h3c group has obtained. 

as a leader in digital solutions, new h3c group attaches great importance to r&d and innovation, with its annual r&d investment accounting for approximately 17% of sales revenue and r&d personnel making up more than 50% of the employees. as of the end of april 2019, new h3c group had submitted more than 10,061 patent applications, of which 90% were invention patents.


in 2017, new h3c group won the cmmi5 certificate issued by the american cmmi institute, marking that the group has reached world-leading standard in terms of the maturity of r&d software development. in 2018, in addition to being titled the significant research and development project on high-end network detectors by the ministry of science and technology for the first time, new h3c group was also approved as a national post-doctoral research station.