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recently, idc issued the "china data center switch market tracking report q3 2018", according to which new h3c group, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup, gained more than 1/3 share (38.3%) in china's data center switch market from q1 to q3, 2018, ranking the first in the industry. owing to their outstanding overall performance, the data center switch products of new h3c have established good reputation across big data application scenarios and become the leaders in china's data center switch market.

as digital transformation of businesses is evolving and new economic models are emerging, artificial intelligence, edge computing, big data, and cloud computing services are adopted by more and more business users, and hybrid it has become the trend for the future. highly relying on massive data interaction, these services have brought higher demands and new challenges to data center networks.

high speed, low latency, and easy maintenance are the most urgent demands of the current data center users. driven by these demands and the need for fast performance upgrade of data center networks, new h3c offers a full range of 25g/100g switch products. among them, the most typical s12500x-af supports the highest 100g port density in the world, and thus can support ultra-large data centers with hundreds of thousands of servers. the s6850 25g access switch has been first widely applied in public cloud. considering the computing characteristics of artificial intelligence services, the data center switches of new h3c are the first to support lossless ethernet, over which rdma (a high performance data switching protocol) can be transmitted, while reducing end-to-end transmission latency to 1/5 of that in traditional networks, greatly enhancing the computing efficiency of machine learning. meanwhile, the data center switches of new h3c apply the chip-level visibility technology to make data transfer details visible, which, combined with a big data analysis platform, can provide network-wide fault prediction and multiple automation tools for truly intelligent network operation and maintenance.

now the data center switches of new h3c have been long serving a great many users from public cloud, operators, and business data centers and become great examples of excellence among h3c's products with extraordinary performance. as future trends are changing, the data center switches of new h3c are evolving towards cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent traffic analysis and ai network algorithms together with an open ecosystem, providing robust support for businesses.

being a leader in digital solutions, new h3c will continue its innovation and r&d of data center products and technologies, thus providing leading data center infrastructures to customers across industries and accelerating the transformation and reinvention of china's digital economy.