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the year of 2019 marks a milestone for 5g commercialization and the starting point of the era of internet of everything. chipsets are the core of 5g industrial development. unisoc, a leading chipset designer in china, has been fully engaged in 5g chipset r&d and will launch commercial 5g chipsets in 2019. in appreciation of its advancement and leadership in china’s commercial 5g chipset industry, unisoc was awarded the "leader for 5g commercialization" at the finance tmt leaders award ceremony 2019.


unisoc has been working on 5g since 2014 and has pioneered in developing a 5g prototype. it has passed system vendors' nsa tests and third-phase interoperability development testing (iodt) for 5g new radio. it is those constant breakthroughs in key 5g technologies that have helped unisoc steadily maintain a leading position in china. in addition, unisoc has worked with partners including the terminal r&d center of china telecom guangzhou research institute to successfully transfer data over 5g signaling and data links, laying a foundation for china telecom’s 5g commercialization.


while continuously investing in technology r&d, unisoc is accelerating the expansion in the 5g market. in early 2018, unisoc launched its "global leadership strategy in 5g chipsets", and has now joined the 5g device forerunner initiative of china mobile, the gti 5g s-module initiative, and china telecom’s 5g terminal r&d initiative and all-mode industry alliance. moreover, unisoc, together with more than ten chinese and overseas companies upstream and downstream in the industry chain, released the proposal for co-building 5g industrial ecosystem to further the large-scale commercial use of 5g networks.


the new 5g communication technology is surging and turning technical concepts into reality. applications such as the 5g demonstration block in chengdu, the first 5g-enabled metro line in china, and the planned 5g 4k live telecast of the spring festival gala announced earlier have all demonstrated the increasing use of 5g in our life. the ministry of industry and information technology of prc is speeding up 5g advancement and will issue temporary 5g licenses in some pilot cities in 2019. by then, a dreamed 5g world empowered by smart chipsets will truly come.