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on february 21, 2019, industrial internet summit 2019 was held in beijing, themed "enabled by smart connections and empowered by innovations". miao wei, cpc secretary and minister of the state ministry of industry and information technology, attended the summit and addressed a speech. at the summit, 12 industrial internet whitepapers and research reports were released, accompanied by the function and performance evaluation results for industrial internet platforms and varied awards including the outstanding network solution for industrial internet for 2018. unicloud engine was awarded two authoritative certificates.

unipower, an industrial internet platform of unicloud engine, was assigned a five-star rating in the "function and performance evaluation for industrial internet platforms" by the alliance of industrial internet (aii). unipower is among the three platforms with 5-star rating, standing out from more than 300 competitors. this means that unipower services have passed the function and performance evaluation for industrial internet platforms organized by aii.


the industrial internet emerged from an in-depth integration of industrial systems and the internet in the wave of digital transformation and is the pillar in the new industrial revolution. with a good start in a difficult journey, industrial internet is bringing integrations and innovations to every industry.


in the past year, unicloud engine has constantly learnt from the practice for the answers to platform service capability enhancement and smart manufacturing solution implementation and promotion, as well as industrial ecosystem building. being the provider of industrial internet and cloud services for businesses in multiple provinces and cities of china, unicloud engine will, together with more industrial partners and in leverage of its resource and technology advantages, boost the application and development of the industrial internet and make it truly empower the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry.