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from its first wireless product ap wa1208e in 2003 to the world's first 802.11ax ap wa6528 in 2017, new h3c has launched over 300 scenario-based products and solutions, and has obtained over 750 technical patents. its solutions have been applied to a variety of industries to accelerate their digital transformation.


new h3c has been exhibiting its advanced technology insights and r&d strength in a number of innovative products oriented to various scenarios, e.g. the industry's first three-radio ap wa4330 for the indoor high density environments, the iot macro base station wa5630x for outdoor high-density environments, and the terminator solutions for dense rooms. in 2018, new h3c launched 802.11ax ap wa6628 featuring high performance and reliability for high density environments alongside with oasis intelligent operation maintenance which aims to lower users’ network maintenance cost, simplify network management and build a more efficient wireless network.


new h3c has long maintained technical communication and cooperation with global users in terms of scenario-based applications and ecosystem expansion. new h3c’s wireless solutions have successfully served such users as national centre for the performing arts of china, beijing capital international airport, zhejiang university, etc. and provided stable and reliable wireless networks for the apec, the youth olympic games, the world internet conference and other major events in china and the world. all such projects have proven new h3c’s great power as a reliable partner for digital transformation of its users.

new h3c believes that wireless networks have entered an era of “putting user experience at the center”, and are continuously evolving toward a cloud, intelligent, and ubiquitous model. in the future, new h3c will integrate wireless networks with iot to create an even broader range of application scenarios. by focusing on customer applications, following technology development, joining hands with ecological partners, and leading wireless technology, new h3c will continue to enable the digital transformation in all industries and take the lead in the new digital era of business reconstruction and transformation.