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at the mobile world congress (mwc) 2019 in barcelona, new h3c group (new h3c) and china mobile edge computing open lab (the lab) jointly released the deeply customized otii (open telecom it infrastructure) server for 5g edge computing scenarios.

as an important strategic partner of china mobile group and a world-leading provider of edge cloud computing infrastructure, new h3c has been deeply involved in the research projects of the lab, including the development of product architecture specifications and management specifications, and has actively participated in pilot testing. new h3c believes that edge computing is becoming increasingly important with the gradual deployment of 5g network elements and the growth of commercial demand for edge computing in the industry market. the otii server launched by new h3c and china mobile is precisely designed for operators and industry clients involved in edge computing application scenarios in the 5g era. the server is in line with the latest otii specifications and can be directly deployed with telecom equipment to meet the demands of 5g scenarios. it is also suitable for iot, mec, nfv, and edge computing applications of the industry. in addition, it takes into account such advantages as high temperature resistance, dust prevention, vibration prevention, and flexible installation, perfectly adapting to the adverse environment of edge computing.

meanwhile, new h3c's full-stack edge computing solutions have been successfully implemented in security and water conservancy industries, bringing measurable value to users. relying on its profound accumulation and industry advantages in government and enterprise markets, new h3c has become operators' best partner for business transformation.