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as one of the most influential science and technology awards in radio and tv broadcasting industry, ccbn excellence product innovation award is designed to encourage technological innovation and promote the information technology in the industry. during the selection of this year, new h3c group’s ip media switching matrix was unanimously recognized by experts owing to its innovation in ip signal scheduling technology, excellent performance indicators, safety and reliability, as well as the achievement of full localization and independent controllability of device in this field. up to now, the product has successfully assisted the broadcasters such as hebei tv station and yantai tv station in completing the ip transformation of signal dispatching systems.

addc, new h3c group’s data center sdn network solution, has been applied in projects such as the converged media cloud of beijing tv, the yangtze river cloud of hubei tv, the daxiang merged media cloud of henan broadcasting system, and the flyingcloud of gansu tv. this product can evolve the ip network of traditional data centers into an open and intelligent network system. after being connected to a third-party cloud platform or business system, addc can implement efficient, flexible, on-demand scheduling, and automatic operation and maintenance of the underlying network security system in software and hardware forms according to the upper-layer cloud management platform, thereby satisfying the needs of the converged media cloud business for flexible deployment. 

so far, new h3c group has undertaken the construction of more than 10 provincial-level converged media cloud projects and more than 10 provincial-level data centers / cloud resource pools for radio & tv, with its high-end network products deployed and applied on a large scale in 9 provincial backbone networks and more than 200 metropolitan area networks. the converged media clouds of new h3c group have realized the openness of the cloud platform and the containerization of cloud applications, while greatly enhancing the cloud security capabilities. the “yangtze river cloud” platform of hubei tv built by new h3c group was awarded “leader in transforming operating model” of the idc digital transformation awards for having facilitated hubei tv to realize the transformation of its operation mode to “one acquisition, multiple-type generation, and diversified communication”, thus providing a model for building provincial-level converged media cloud projects in china.