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on april 9, 2019, unisoc, a subsidiary of tsinghua unigroup and one of the globally leading core chipset suppliers for mobile communication and iot, announced its launch of unisoc tiger t310, a new-generation lte mobile chipset platform ("tiger t310"). as the world’s first quad-core lte chipset platform developed for smart phones based on arm's dynamiq architecture, tiger t310 provides outstanding computing performance and low power consumption management, bringing flagship-level application experience to users in global mainstream markets.


tiger t310 is the first to introduce arm's dynamiq architecture, commonly used on medium and high-end platforms, into entry-level smartphones. with one 2.0 ghz cortex-a75 processor core and three 1.8 ghz cortex-a55 processor cores, tiger t310 is designed to improve the performance of mobile terminals and provide smoother user experience, while further reducing power consumption.


the innovative architecture design enables tiger t310 to have 120% better performance than existing mainstream quad-core products in the single-core scenario and over 20% in the multicore scenario.


tiger t310 also has extraordinary performance in power saving and battery life. with the same test model, tiger t310 has a 20% longer battery life than mainstream octa-core products and 15% longer than mainstream quad-core products.


in terms of multimedia applications, tiger t310 supports photography with dual and triple cameras. by virtue of the bokeh, w t, and distortion correction algorithms independently developed by unisoc, tiger t310 has gorgeous performance in night view photography, beautifying, defogging, and hdr. moreover, the product can intelligently detect and identify sceneries in real time, so as to automatically align the photography mode and parameters with scenes, providing more intelligent user experience in photography. tiger t310 also supports the face id technology. it integrates the face unlocking algorithm into the tee environment and strengthens data tunnel protection to largely enhance security for the face unlocking solution.


manufactured with the cutting-edge 12-nm process technology of tsmc, tiger t310 supports six communication modes (tdd-lte, fdd-lte, td-scdma, wcdma, cdma, and gsm) and thus fits all networks of the three operators in china (china mobile, china unicom, and china telecom).


"as a leading chipset designer, unisoc is committed to continuously furthering technological innovation of products to add product value," said wu di, general manager of the smart terminal business division of unisoc. "with its innovative architecture design and high performance, tiger t310 will help our customers build quality and competitive smart terminals with excellent performance for global users."