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shanghai, china – march 3rd, 2020 – unisoc, a world leading provider of mobile communications chipsets and iot chipsets, today announced the completion of critical technology and service data testing for its 5g mmwave terminal prototype based on aip (antennas in package), the core module of 5g mmwave terminal. the success of the test marks a major step forward for unisoc in driving the maturity of the mmwave industry.

as an important part of 5g technology, mmwave can be applied into many scenarios including outdoor and indoor hotspots, fwa(fixed wireless access) and backhaul, providing higher experienced data rate and lower latency.

unisoc’s aip solution integrates antenna array and rf front-end ic, to support multiple mmwave bands including n257, n258 and n261. compared to the existing scheme, the solution has more compact design, smaller antenna size and lower process cost. ota (over-the-air) test results have demonstrated numerous advantages of unisoc’s aip, including high-performance evm, high antenna gain, and high-precision beamforming and wide beam coverage angle. that reveals a sign of unisoc’s commitment to driving technological innovation to improve the user experience

as a leading ic design company in china, unisoc is committed to advancing the long-term development and full potential of 5g, and developing a series of innovative technologies and products based on 5g core technologies to meet market and industry demands, while promoting a broader application of 5g into new fields. unisoc will continue to drive the development of the mmwave industry through testing and verification, working with partners to explore the best solutions for mmwave application scenarios and accelerate the maturity of mmwave chip technology and its industry chain.